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Wendy Buford

Wendy Burford accepted the post in Grade R in January 2016. Wendy is highly qualified and more than meets the high expectations of the Parents and our school. We pride ourselves with being able to have Teachers of this calibre to head up the Grade R class.


Here is a little more information about Wendy:


She is a passionate teacher who loves working with the children. She enjoys being very organised and spends a great deal of time planning her lessons and organising her classroom.


She has come to us highly recommended and with plenty of experience. Wendy has her HDE in education and has studied Gifted Child Education through UNISA to further her qualifications. She is also very talented musically.


Wendy taught at the International school of Cape Town before going overseas and teaching in England for a while.


Wendy brings a great deal of talent, commitment and enthusiasm to our school and the management team. Wendy heads up the Grade R team

Megan Peters

Megan is the teacher assistant in the Grade R classroom.


She runs a very tight ship, keeping her classroom spotless at all times. Megan is a quiet person who deals with the children in a calm and patient way. Megan takes charge of the class in the afternoon when Mrs Holmes goes off duty. She does a fantastic job of finding a great variety of activities to keep the children busy and happy in the afternoons. Megan has been at Educare House for 9 years.

Marlene Brown

Marlene is a very experienced teacher who is working with her favourite age group


She loves the way this group learn and develop and the way they absorb huge amounts of information. (Which she imparts with enthusiasm!) Marlene has an Educare qualification in Early Childhood development. She is a creative, organised and enthusiastic teacher who absolutely loves her job!

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